Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Am Ahab

For two years now, Todd has written a monthly column published in Newspeak, a Colorado Springs tabloid. Many of his columns are published here on this web site.

Now, readers of the column, "I Am Ahab," can view the column at Newspeak's newly designed web site, which includes an archive of past editions.

Todd's brother, Joel, fills in as a guest columnist this month with a piece that explains where we stand in our continuing legal battle.


Anonymous said...

I am convinced of Todd's innocence. Everything Joel stated in the October article is fact. There does not seem to be any concern for true justice. As you know, power, politics and money are factors in prosecuting, incarcerating and shattering lives like a domino effect with no conscience.

My husband and I have been through the appeals process. The Colorado Court of Appeals is apathetic. Only 1-2% of cases pass the Writ of Cert.

In our particular case, information that was not presented to the court was mandated back to the original judge. There was critical information presented (35b - hearing for reconsideration)that would make any reasonable and fair judge reduce the sentence (at the very least). DENIED. El Paso County.

My heart is with all of you. It will be a day of celebration when your dear son finally finds the vindication he deserves.

Todd is very fortunate to have a loving, supporting family. Each of you feel the pain and frustration as much as Todd.

The efforts you put in for Todd's justice is also a triumph to many others.

Thank you and remain strong in your admirable quest for true justice.

With You,
Marcia Mc.

William Newmiller said...


Thank you for your kind words.

We have learned that many good people have been victimized by a criminal justice system that too often delivers injustice.

Our experience and experiences of others like us and you moves us to towards activism to reform our broken system.

Please contact us by email (use the contact link at the top of the page). What you include in that message will remain confidential. We'd love to gather together a group of people to join in an effort to restore justice to our society.