Monday, January 05, 2009

When Truth Meets Arrogance

Take a look at this short video featuring John Grisham, author of The Innocent Man.

Note: Bill Peterson, the DA who wrongly convicted Williamson and Fritz continues as the District Attorney in Ada, Oklahoma.

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Anonymous said...

What is really going on in this country? It is so obvious that the judicial system is beyond flawed. The 'justice' system is set up to convict innocent people deliberately.

Criminal personalities work behind the scenes of criminal law in each and every field. Too many of those in law are void of conscience of any kind. Is there a stronger word than narcissism to describe them? How can anyone in the fields of law (judges, detectives, prosecutors) with honorable intentions work among their twisted co-workers? There is no integrity, yet they demand it of the citizenry. Their primary function is to win for their own sense of accomplishment. Look at the amount of income a Judge makes annually. Is this reason (excuse) enough to continue with a facade of justice to the people??? To them, yes. Even with the limitations we have to express our rightful frustrations and anger, they disregard and laugh. Why? Because too few people come forward to expose them and they know it!

There are criminals incarcerated who truly require a distance from the population. However, the time spent in DOC should be rehabilitative, not punitive. This manner of punishment only serves to keep the revolving door of recidivism going. Cruel!

There are also a hefty amount of criminal minds working on the side of the 'law'; very cunningly integrated in the legal system under the guise of justice and public safety. In truth, WE need to be safe from these sociopaths. Still, they receive immunity and glory. Narcissistic characters thrive on focus on themselves, whether it is positive OR negative.

The U.S. leads in the amount of incarcerations worldwide. Those without (so far) any connection with the 'justice' system have no clue they are next, considering their apathy ... or blatant acceptance in everything they read and hear to be true.

Lawful executions must be abolished. There are far too many lives destroyed (including families) due to wittingly criminal behaviors of the many working for convictions at any moral cost to they system and each Soul.

Your son is a statistic of the deliberate injustices done to so many in the name of convicting anyone simply for sake of convicting.

Todd is innocent as evidenced by the Case Summary you provide on the top of the page. EVIDENCE. Todd's conviction goes well beyond circumstantial. It is an apparent set-up.

"With liberty and justice for few."