Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Victims of the State

The website Victims of the State has reviewed Todd's case and provided a summary of it. Dan Rastatter, who produced the website and wrote the summary of Todd's case has collected well over a thousand cases nationwide that reveal a widespread disregard for truth seeking in our criminal justice system.

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Marcia McGuire said...

Truth seeking in our criminal justice system is an oxymoron.

"Public safety" is always parroted by everyone involved in the system. I, for one, am beyond tired of that lie.

Todd is in prison for a crime he did not commit. That means the real murderer is walking free among the public.

Todd's case has been brought to the attention of each and every individual who should have reversed the decision of the jury/judge, yet it is conveniently ignored. Why? These known wrongful convictions do not serve the safety of the public. On the contrary. The public's safety is in constant jeopardy by ignoring true justice.

I have come to learn that those involved in any way with the Department of Corrections, beginning with the detectives, prosecutors and the courtroom, have criminal characters. They simply sit on the side of an elite gang. It is so apparent that they refuse to correct a serious violation. The only conclusion that can be drawn is the ego, money and self-serving factors. The win (any win) is far more prevailing in the system than truth and honor.