Wednesday, May 07, 2008

John Newsome, Amy Mullaney, Poor Judgement, and Moral Decay

KOAA investigative reporter James Jarman's videotapes of District Attorney John Newsome and his deputy Amy Mullaney consuming the equivalent of a twelve-pack and a six-pack respectively during a time with interspersed office responsibilities made the headlines in the Colorado Springs Gazette this week. Then, they drove home, he in a government car.

Poor judgement? For sure. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, Newsome and Mullaney hold their liquor well enough that there have been no accidents (reported). But what about poor judgement on the job?

What about Newsome's elevation of Mullaney to deputy over others with more experience? Was it a decision based upon merit and accomplishment, or based upon drinking comraderie?

Has poor judgement on the job set the guilty free? Imprisoned the innocent?

Early in the morning of November 20, 2004, Anthony Madril shouted to his friends, "It's on! Let's go!" He entered into a fierce fight with Brad Orgill. Witnesses saw no one else near the fighting twosome. Madril emerged from it bleeding profusely--a single puncture to the heart, both ventricles breached. As his friend pulled him into the truck, Madril said, "I just got stabbed." Orgill's clothing was covered with blood, but before the state crime lab even tested it, Amy Mullaney cut Orgill a deal: deferred sentence. No jail time. Just testify against Todd Newmiller. No one had seen Todd near Madril. Madril's blood appeared no where on Todd's clothing.

So, Todd waits for the Court of Appeals to correct the excesses of bad judgment that led to his wrongful conviction. Orgill walks the streets, accused of rape since his deal. Details here.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Newmiller. I fully believe what you have to say regarding your son and how this district is corrupt in more ways than one. I will be reading this blog often to keep up on your son's situation. The prosecution is filled with narcissistic personalities. Their only *genuine* concerns are their elevated egos and self-serving promotions.