Sunday, July 13, 2008

Addendum to my last post

Sometimes I don't get a chance to share my blog entries with Todd before I post them. Such was the case with my last posting. Todd is always true to his commitment to truth and really felt that I had overstated any value that the video outside of the Appaloosa had. Todd said, "Frankly, you couldn't see a damn thing of value." We continue to believe that the intent of this video was for the jury to project their own prejudices and fears onto this scene that the prosecution presented to them.

Today when I visited Todd, we discussed the fact that the detectives from the sheriff's office showed only Todd's photo in the lineup that they presented to Lopez and Schwartz. Brad's photo was never shown in the lineup, despite the fact that Lopez and Schwartz had described Brad when they talked about Anthony Madril's assailant. (Brad is 5"9" and weighs at least 270 lbs.; Todd is 6"3" and weighed 180 lbs. at the time: short and fat vs tall and thin.) Schwartz and Lopez could did not identify anyone; they said, no, he had pudgy cheeks. The fact that Brad's photo was not in the lineup we believe demonstrates that from the beginning, the sheriff's detectives were not allowing him to be identified as the assailant and were setting Todd up for what they knew to be a wrongful conviction.

It seems each time our family talks about Todd's wrongful conviction, we remember some other incredulous way in which the sheriff's office and prosecution deprived him of his constitutional right to a fair trial.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this corruption of law has ruined your son's live and yours. I'm so happy it was only a misdermeanor, that happened to me and not a felony. but never the less I did not commit any of the charges against me either. What has are country become?

Yes we need to write a new legislation to have police officers policed. Entirely, every police officer should have to take a polygraph before ever being able to write any citations that are criminal -resisting arrest, attempted assault, rape, murder,etc: any offence that would be considered your word against theirs- no proof just their word.(Police officers)

We need to punish these unethical and fabricating police officers, because now I think most law personnel are corrupt, due to the experience I have just endured at the age of 40. I have never been in trouble or arrested before this incident.

Police who are found guilty of falsifying criminal citations need to spend time, and I mean a lot time in jail or prison. Police perjure and falsely arrest innocent citizens more frequently than any of us know.

The police are never found guilty of these crimes since no one ever investigates the facts that some citizens have been falsely arrested.

You have to prove your innocents, the police don't have to prove the guilt, you are guilty until you are found not guilty. The law is not on the civilians side any longer. The law is at present about revenue, not fairness or the truth.

If you do not respect the new physiopathic police officers that work on the streets authority, and command them to "do their job and go to find and arrest real criminals" they will write false criminal charges on you, now you become a criminal too in the eyes of the law. That is a fact.

I was charged with DUII-Reckless Driving-Resisting Arrest-Attempted Assault on a police officer- All where acquitted except the attempted assault on account of, he had a picture of a scratch on his leg, which he must of constructed himself.

In no way shape or form did I attacked this man. I may have insulted him, but never did I put my hands or feet on him. I would never assault anyone especially a police officer. I still can't believe I was found guilty of an attempted assault, how do you attempt to assault someone. You either do it or don't, what kind of person do they think I am?

Maybe if it was assault and not attempted assault the jury might of found me not guilty, because the law tricks people into thinking it's just a misdemeanor and its not as bad of an offense. I wanted to take a polygraph I was not granted my request. Therefore, I'm guilty of something I did not do or commit. This is ludicrous. Now I'm in the system i have to pay them $35 a month for 2yrs or go to jail for 1yr what kind of nosense is this.

This kind of behavior from police will keep happening until someone places a stop to it. I have always thought our police were good and not corrupted until it happened to me. Now I'm in the system due to an immoral, corrupted, power ravenous sick in the head police officer. John Hughes of Portland, Or.

We are no longer a free nation as our fore fathers had battled so hard for. We are now policed-how sad.