Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Addition to this Web Site

Over the years we've maintained BearingFalseWitness, we've added volumes of material. On this, a quiet day for me, I've seen the need to provide a simple summary of Todd's case--what really happened that night. So, we've added a "Case Summary" page. It details the prosecution's central claims and exposes how things went wrong during the investigation and prosecution of the case. Please read it. As always, we appreciate the comments of visitors to this site.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with all of you. Todd deserves a dismissal. My concern about a new trial is that evidence held by who knows who might be destroyed after 2 years. Have you considered Gov. Ritter?

I am reading I Am Ahab. Todd's observations and thoughts are revealing. It saddens me knowing Todd is innocent and was set-up for conviction.

Stay strong! Todd deserves true justice!

William Newmiller said...

We have been in touch with Gov. Ritter, but until we've exhausted all other possibilities, the Governor's involvement is probably unlikely.

Thanks so much for your support. Such kind words mean the world to us.