Sunday, August 08, 2010

A day in court--finally

For a long time, I've been silent on this blog. Not because I'd nothing to say, but because we've been working hard behind scenes to advance Todd's case on the legal front. Now, after four and a half years of unjust incarceration, Todd arrived on the eve of a court hearing where we will make our plea that his original trial was deeply flawed and profoundly unfair.

We pray that the judge, who will hear this care, Judge John McMullen, will listen with wisdom and decide rightly that Todd's conviction should be vacated.

Judge McMullen has blocked off three days for the hearing, which begins tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. in the El Paso County Courthouse, Room W450.

As the hearing proceeds, I'll post updates. The blog entries won't come until the end of the day, but as I'm able to, I'll tweet throughout the day during any recesses. You can follow those tweets at They'll also be echoed to my Facebook page,

Finally, a great big thank you to the many people who have supported Todd and our family throughout the nightmare of his wrongful conviction.

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AngelaE said...

I hope that it works out for Todd! I'll watch for the updates.