Thursday, April 23, 2009

Repealing the Death Penalty in Colorado

Whether you believe in "an eye for an eye," or that the "quality of mercy is unrestrained," you have to agree that implementation of the death penalty has been fundamentally flawed. I can't believe that anyone wants the state to execute an innocent person, but consider this fact: 131 inmates on death row have been exonerated. How many other innocents have slipped through the cracks in our crumbling system of justice?

Here's your chance to make your feelings known. Colorado is considering repealing the death penalty. Go to and take the Denver Post poll. You can be sure that Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, and other elected officials are watching the poll closely, considering the political impact as they develop their stance on this important bill to repeal the death penalty in Colorado.

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Marcia McGuire said...

Very interesting! I took the poll and didn't expect the results. The great majority are for repealing the (murder) death penalty in Colorado. I am impressed by these compassionate, thinking individuals and respect the Denver Post for their many involvements and articles in constructive criminal justice reform.