Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Conviction Integrity Unit

Dallas DA Craig Watkins instituted a conviction integrity unit that should be a model for all DAs. Watch the trailer below, watch the show, "Dallas DNA," on the Discovery Channel, and then ask your local DA to institute a conviction integrity unit.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing man (real man) Dallas DA Craig Watkins is! It puts El Paso County to absolute shame! Instead of creating something that is thorough and applies logic with evidence, El Paso County had a DA that created an environment that encourages the types of manipulation that is seen in the "Witch Hunt" film.

The Special Victims Unit is corrupt. Most certainly, genuine abuses need to be investigated with integrity and passion for truth, not simply THE WIN as are many cases in Colorado. I sincerely hope DA Dan May has this much needed passion for truth, unlike his predecessor and the prosecutors now working in the 4th judicial court.

Personal experience has taught me how intimidation and unethical practices among detectives and in courts lead to inaccurate conclusions and sentencing based on a conceited prosecution and vanity in the chambers. Hurried, uncaring public defenders are a travesty to justice. Lives that could otherwise have been free to productively move on, or rehabilitated through mandatory classes (such as the misuse of drugs - one example), are forever labeled and shattered. Extended family members included. Sadly, this is too rational and progressive in the Colorado criminal 'justice' system, and makes too much sense to construct. The massive incarcerations and devious legal system provides more money and personal recognition. Innocence is a deplorable word to the 4th judicial court.

Colorado, get a clue. Begin with passion for truth. Once that is accomplished, add (com)passion. Otherwise, shed the ego, move aside and permit good souls like Craig Watkins to take over. Only then will Colorado viewed by others as a worthy state and wrongful convictions will be a barbaric part of history.

Conviction INTEGRITY Unit!