Friday, May 22, 2009

DA Craig Watkins talks about being smart on crime

The video embedded here is very short--only 76 seconds, but Dallas County DA Craig Watkins teaches an invaluable lesson on being smart on crime. His Conviction Integrity Unit is a model for all jurisdictions.

On Tuesday in Colorado Springs, we may gain insight into how concerned local DA Dan May's office views its responsibility to avoid convicting the innocent. May has deferred comment on the recently overturned conviction of Tim Kane, which resulted in part from new DNA evidence, as well as a revelation that May's predecessor withheld exculpatory evidence that pointed to what appears to be a more likely suspect.

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Marcia McGuire said...

Craig Watkins is a man of integrity. His quest for honor in a system full of deceit is to be commemorated. Mr. Watkins is a man I could easily address, with worthiness as "Your Honor" without any false demands, commands or coercions from any court. He has my utmost respect from my heart and soul.

The citizens in Mr. Watkins county must be proud. Craig Watkins talks and serves with rare virtue.